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Learn to capitalize from these FATAL FLAWS committed by nearly every wrestler.

Throughout my 25+ years of training athletes, I have stumbled across numerous technical flaws that are prevalent in the wrestling world... 

Positions, techniques, moves that are flawed, but so commonplace, that nearly every wrestler commits them.

Just recently I watched a young man lose an NCAA National Championship due to committing one of these flaws.

Every year I see athletes commit two very big flaws while attempting a takedown.  These two are so prevalent that they can be seen in practically every single wrestling match.

Leg riders benefit greatly from two huge flaws that nearly every wrestler commits in attempting to counter legs.

Here are some of the most common fatal flaws in wrestling:

  • Locking hands wrong on a standing single (cost the above mentioned wrestler a national title)
  • Go behind attempt for takedown (2 flaws)
  • Leg riding – positioning (going to the hip) and attacking with the wrong arm
  • Two on One counters (committed by many high level athletes and taught incorrectly by many high level coaches)

Interestingly enough, most wrestlers and coaches believe they know exactly how to win from these positions, but sadly, most of them are misinformed, which is why these flaws continue to perpetuate.

There are at least 4 more on the feet that I can think of at the top of my head, (and probably another dozen if you give me another half hour), but I won't get into the specifics until the upcoming Takedown Master Camp, where I will be exposing these critical flaws in detail…and showing athletes in attendance how to beat their opponents by exploiting these weaknesses.

There are tons of them from the top/down position, in addition to the leg counters and top position, and you will be trained to take advantage at the upcoming Mat Crush Camp.

Youth wrestlers face even more fatal flaws, some related to beating head & arm and cement mixers.  These are easily fixed and you will be trained to do so at the Fall Youth Takedown Camp.

Every wrestler can win more matches immediately by learning how to beat fatal flaws.  That's why these flaws are exposed during camp – so you are ready to take advantage when the season gets rolling.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking you will “learn it on the fly" in the middle of the season.  Its a fatal error many people make, and unfortunately, the result is desperately trying to play catch-up in the middle of the season instead of excelling right out of the gate.

If you're a wrestler, now is your chance to learn what most don't know, expose and beat these fatal flaws.  Its agonizing seeing wrestlers devastated by losing in these ways.