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The curse of the bright shiny object

Yesterday a coach sent me this message:

My kids that you had in camps have come back with great technique. I was impressed by them showing me in open mats. Thanks!

You betcha.

This is what happens when athletes are trained, not just shown a bunch of bright-shiny-object-like moves.

and kudos to his boys, too – they did exactly what I advised them to do following last week’s camp, which of course concluded with our final exam

they got back on the mats and drilled what they learned.

My campers always get this message:  “reinforce what you learned by hitting the mats and drilling it as soon as possible."

My final exams require you to speed drill the entire week’s technique at one time, in rapid-fire fashion…to test what you’ve learned.

They also allow me to test myself (ah, the true purpose of the final exam – SO self-centered of me). 

I get the chance to see if I trained you well enough to internalize technique and drill it with precision.

and if you can’t?

then I failed.

and I hate failure and avoid it like the plague.

Speaking of failure…

If you fail to excel in any of these areas:

  • countering the opponent’s legs
  • struggling when they ride the opposite side
  • beating the spiral
  • wrestling from the bottom position with confidence
  • having the mindset that “I always get out"

or these areas from top:

  • stopping the opponent’s first move no matter what it is
  • turning athletes from the base, ground and even standing
  • knowing exactly what to do when the opponent moves
  • believing that you will turn your opponent…every time…no matter who he is

then be sure to look into the upcoming Mat Machine Camp, July 6-9.

All of these things will be covered…and drilled in the final exam (which you WILL pass…and so will I).

Read more about Mat Machine Camp here…and pass it on to your friends while there are still a few spots left.


I haven’t taught it in years and I might pack it back in the vault after this camp…so git’er while she’s hot.

3 common yet fatal errors made by youth wrestlers (Part 2)

Have you ever said or thought this?

My athlete constantly gets rolled, even when he’s got the opponent on his back.

If it seems like your youngster’s hips just aren’t quick enough to get him where he needs to be…they probably aren‘t.    

How about this one:

Everytime they get his leg (which is a lot), its like he is stuck in mud.  No reaction time at all.

Unless you’re at a tractor pull, he’s not stuck in real mud, even though it feels like it.

Both of these maladies are borne from the same problem…lack of hips fluidity.

Know where you get that fluidity? 

That’s right, from hip heist drills.

This is sad but true…

I know plenty of wrestlers who did hip heists when they were young…but they never developed fluid hips that allowed them to escape the ranks of average.

The undeniable truth that nobody wants to hear

Unless your athlete learns the entire hips series…that means every important step

  • where to put your hand (90% of all wrestlers miss this vital step)…
  • going both directions…
  • developing speed…
  • executing the high leg…
  • the granby and the motion after the granby (I just lost most people – except my trainees – with that one),
  • and the other key essentials that go with it…

your wrestler may miss out on ever having good, great, and exceptional hips…and instead have to settle for average.

By the time he realizes it, years from now…it’ll be too late.

In truth, the key essentials of the series only take about an hour to introduce…followed by an exact and precise training regimen that accelerates your youngster’s learning curve, so by Day 3, he’s well on his way to developing great hips.

3 common yet fatal errors committed by youth wrestlers (part 1)

Does this ring a bell?

My young wrestler struggles to move from bottom.

It can be agonizing, watching your youngster get ground into the mat for entire periods…struggling to even come close to an escape…and come off the mat devastated because he lost a match he could've won…

and many parents across the wrestling world feel your pain.  The failure to create movement is one of the biggest reasons athletes struggle on the mat…and it represents Fatal Flaw #1.

It's why our hips series has been so popular through the years, and one of the most requested techniques throughout my three decade career of training athletes.  

And while you can learn a hip heist anywhere, many athletes do – and still struggle.  

Here's why.

If it were as simple as learning a hip heist, everyone would be doing it.  But the truth is, our Hips Series specifically trains athletes, step by step, to develop powerful hips movement…while soaking in every small yet important detail…meaning the difference between knowing a hip heist…and being able to execute it dynamically in a large variety of situations.  

Truth is, without the whole series, your athlete will only marginally improve…instead of by leaps and bounds.

The Truth:  Our powerful Hips series is front and center at next week's youth camps…every athlete in atttendance will have the entire powerful series down (with the exception of the highest level technique that even my top level guys struggle with at first – but they will have the “bones” of that one as well.).

In about one hour, the core skills of this series will be taught…and these skills will be reinforced throughout the next couple of days, so by the time he leaves on Friday, he's got these skills down.

Two more fatal errors directly tied to lack of a good hip heist will be discussed tomorrow…you will be surprised to discover all the position a hip heist helps you win from.