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How to destroy your opposition like Thanos (its a snap)

One of my most favoritest movie characters in the past few years is Thanos from Infinity Wars (I'm not sure what that says about me but...)

Here’s a guy who had a plan, a system of attack, and perfect logic (to him) behind his plan.

Even better (or worse, if you’re Ant Man stuck in the Quantum Realm), victory for him was a snap.

Which leads me to segueing to the sales pitch: 

You can learn to destroy the masses of your opposition with a ton more ease – and many of the finer details that can immediately earn you more takedowns, more back points, and more falls, are a snap to learn.

One session and you can immediately score more takedowns off your opponents shots.

One session and you can be bringing misery to your opponents (and making them want to crawl off the mat) every time you get them to their backs.

One session and you can snag the most important details of the best takedown in wrestling – the one that Henry Cejudo used to win Olympic Gold, as well as Nathan Tomasello to win an NCAA title (the great Dan Gable used the same shot decades earlier).

Now’s your chance

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