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shred textbooks and abolish homework: now THAT’s what I call Education!

Ever bomb a test?

Remember that sinking feeling when you set down your #2 pencil and knew you blew it?

When I was a kid, moments like that left a pit in my stomach for the rest of the day.

Imagine what it would be like if you knew you could take a course that guarantees you won’t experience that?

Well, you can.

Here’s the first option:  take German at Watkins Memorial with Mr. Ferguson.

At last night’s conference, he unveiled his methods.

  • There is no textbook.
  • There is almost never any homework.
  • Bomb a test?  You can retake it as often as you like (as long as you follow his systematic training – uh – learning system designed to make it second nature).

….and students fill out a detailed personal profile – so he can personally craft the class to fit his students.

Each student – a personal connection.

He went on to explain in fine detail, how he builds a foundation from the ground up, training students to first understand individual words and entry level concepts…

then put together entire sentences…

and then develop the capability to carry on lengthy conversations and discussions.

Now here’s a guy who understands Phase Five, the 5 step path to learning and winning (on the mat and off).

Athletes who don’t follow this five phase process…and coaches who don’t understand it…

are destined to wind up frustrated by their lack of progress.

I see athletes who are constantly stressed out…as well as parents and coaches who are constantly disappointed in them.

That’s why you hear things like:

“I told you to not to do that” or
“how many times do I have to tell you that?”

If you fully understand this five phase process, you will understand exactly where you rate in specific areas – and understand how to accelerate your path to the next level.

go here to learn more


PS  This fall, you (talking to athletes) can accelerate your path to phase five faster by doing this, than anything else.

Putting “The Dread” to bed

Your athlete is getting ready to wrestle, and he has someone he knows he’s going to beat.  

And there he is, bouncing around, laughing and joking with his teammates and friends.  Feeling good and enjoying the moment.  

And all is good with the world.  

But then the next round comes up…and he’s up against the Tough Guy.  

Maybe he's lost to him before – or knows who he is and knows he's in for a rough ride. 

You look at your son…

 and he's like a different person.

  • Quiet
  • To himself
  • NOT joking around with friends
  • perhaps turned a whiter shade of pale

You can see the worry on his face – he's feeling The Dread.

And you think – oh no here we go again.  

If you've ever thought, I just wish I knew how to help him…

you're not alone.

Here are two indisputable truths:

1. Without the proper tools, he is going to suffer throughout his entire career struggling to wrestle his best in the big matches, and dreading the experience – or be overwhelmed and eventually give up the sport (big reason for burnout, as I've discussed in the parents guide to youth wrestling).

2. There is a path to help your athlete develop a winner's mindset so that he has a better experience, wrestles with more confidence and wrestles his best on the biggest stage.

This Sunday, I will focus on two elements of my Winner's Mindset series:

  • The Pre-Match Confidence Boost – how to shove the negatives out (even the ones that come from teammates, coaches and parents)
  • Mid-Match Coping skills – how to quickly flip the switch back on when facing adversity in the match.

The Winner's Mindset is a big part of the parents guide to youth wrestling.  You can get your free copy now.