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How to outslow your opponents

A lesson on how to outslow your opponent.

Sound counter productive?  Read on then.

“I’ll just use my quickness on you,” said the collegiate stud preparing to wrestle my aging, partiallly-crippled assistant coach with bad knees and an arm that didn’t straighten all the way.

“Well, I’ll just outslow you then,” my assistant replied, shortly before handing the college stud a humbling beat-down.

Tis not always about the faster, nor the stronger.  Sometimes there are *other* factors at hand.

Such was the case for Brian (name included to protect the guilty).  

Brian wasn’t gifted with an overabundance of talent…

  • Wasn’t particularly quick…
  • Nor strong…
  • And didn’t do anything “naturally” (You always hear about those kids who are naturals.  Brian was NOT one of them).

What he lacked in athletic ability, he made up for in perseverance.

Every time I opened my doors, he was here.
Camps, clubs, personal training, you name it.

One attribute I picked up through three decades of training athletes was being able to quickly assess what any particular athlete’s shortest path for success is.  With Brian, I knew he was likely to win most of his matches on the mat.

For him, I had a special series in mind….

one that has been around a long time but is seldom used, for reasons I’ll circle back to shortly.

Brian developed this one series, paying special attention to every precise detail

I could tell he had mastered it when he slapped it on me one day in practice and I couldn’t get out of it!

This series is like many others….

The finer points make or break the whole thing.

That’s why this series isn’t widely utilized, even though, done right, it is a complete game changer.  You can lock up top level athletes with it and they can’t get out – no matter how strong or skilled they are.

But miss just one precise detail and its just another move – and won’t work on average athletes, let alone top athletes. 

Most wrestlers “know” this series – but can’t execute it for this reason.

This one series nearly single handedly punched Brian's ticket to the state tournament.

When he was finished with his career, Brian had achieved high status in his wrestling-rich school – he was his school's all-time near fall leader (a title he held until another wrestler from his school visited me.)

One of the biggest problems with most camps is, they aren’t really about teaching – they are about showing off (and collecting your $).

A clinician comes out, shows his favorite moves, then leaves.

Next session, new clinician, same routine.

They could show you the Worlds Most Magical Move – it won’t matter because the devil is in the details – and it takes repetition to master anything worth learning – as well as a dedicated trainer helping you master every precise detail.

This powerful, game-changing series will be taught this summer and you will have ample opportunity to master it (anything worth teaching is worth mastering, meaning you never see anything just once.  You drill it to precision.)

Your goal, after all, is always to achieve Phase Five.


PS:  Want to truly excel using my powerful system?  Summer Camp is where it all happens.

PPS:  Remember this lesson – you never know when you will need to outslow your opponent.