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The first two skills this master coach taught

My good friend and coaching colleague, we’ll call him Tom (as his parents did), trained many state placers and champs throughout his 30+ years of coaching wrestlers – despite nearly all of them having never wrestled before they reached high school.

Let that sink in for a minute…

State placers, finalists and State Champs – all who had never wrestled prior to 9th grade.

It also goes without saying (although I’m saying it anyway), he wasn’t getting transfers moving in to his near-city-league school either.

Now THERE’S a master coach.  Anyone can look good coaching a roomful of all-stars.

I had the honor of coaching with him for a handful of years, and one day he revealed one of his biggest secrets to helping athletes jump levels quickly:  The first two things he taught beginning wrestlers.

I paraphrase:

I would teach beginning wrestlers two things right away:

  1. How to keep from getting pinned;
  2. How to PIN.

By teaching them how to fight off their backs, they could last longer in matches, meaning, more experience, meaning, getting better quicker.

Early on, their only chance of winning a match would be to catch someone on their backs and pin them. By teaching them how to pin, they would have a chance to win some matches and experience success – meaning they were more likely to stick around.

That last part can also be said for high level wrestlers competing in high level matches – or, wrestling someone who may be a few levels above you.

Your best opportunity to win may be Pinning them with methods I will be teaching at Thursday’s Pinner’s Paradise.

My inspiration for this event is the great Wade Schalles, the greatest Pinner the world of wrestling has ever known (I have talked bout him in numerous emails recently – look up a few I sent last week for instance).

You can register here and discover:

  • how to make your opponent want to QUIT – in multiple positions
  • The turn you’re only going to pin the top kids with (it won’t even work on lesser athletes)
  • The deadliest cradle in wrestling – and how to get to it multiple ways
  • The best way to counter a half, and why it won’t work on *this* devastating half
  • Rarely Taught – the power half from legs, “Randy-style" (You’ve likely never seen this variation taught anywhere else)

This event is open to all ages, but you have to submit an application and sign the waiver – especially sign the waiver, due to the inherent risks involved with some of the material being taught.  Also, you are strongly encouraged to bring a partner, so be sure to have them register as well.