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[Video] Short offense, finer details

About 50% of takedown opportunities come off of short offense…countering your opponent's shot.

Unfortunately, a large majority of wrestlers make crucial mistakes that keep them from scoring.

These are easily correctable mistakes if you know the finer details

Just a few small points that make a big difference, the difference between securing the takedown and losing the points.

This is one of the many situations I’ll be covering in my upcoming Fall Takedown Monster Camp, as well as my Fall Youth Camp, which is modeled after the monster camp.

Watch this short video to see how you can increase the odds of scoring off your opponents shots.

Give yourself a top three mini-evaluation
Give yourself a Top Three Mini-Evaluation

Give yourself a Top Three Mini-Evaluation

This one is specifically geared toward current, active wrestlers but if you’re a coach or parent, you can show this to your athlete as well.

Do yourself a favor and do a mini-evaluation today.  Here’s how it works:

Write down the 3 biggest technical areas of concern you currently face (please don’t say, “Takedowns”, “Top”, “Down” either!)

Be as specific as possible (example:  “I have trouble when people grab my head”, or “I can’t counter legs when someone gets them in.”)

Next, outline your plan for improving in these top three areas – whether through your school coach, an upcoming camp or clinic, or training session with a professional coach.

Feel free to comment right here on this blog,  or email me if you prefer, to share your results.

Have you ever played the cereal game?

Here’s how the game goes: one person lies on his back, while someone else starts tapping his forehead and tells him to name all the cereals he can in a certain amount of time.

What usually happens is, this person has trouble naming hardly any cereals. Same person who could probably rattle off a dozen of them with no problem, all of a sudden is stuck.


Because, quite, simply, things are different when there is pressure and resistance.  Or someone tapping on your head.

Just as humans struggle to perform under pressure, under duress, wrestlers go through the same thing.  Guys who look great in practice, all of a sudden freeze up in the bright lights of a match.

Sound like anyone you know?

How does one fix that? 

Well, there's one key thing you can do that will go a long way toward alleviating this problem…

Have your system down.

If you learn a system, and train hard to internalize that system so it is second nature, then you will hit it when it counts, under the lights and under pressure.

I have a lot more to say about the mental side of wrestling.  I'll post something soon, either here on the blog or to my email list.