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Warning: Violent Content

A wrestler recently pointed this out to me and I was startled to say the least…

turns out my website is being banned all across this great land for violent content….

especially in places like schools, churches, maybe an animal shelter or two.

Here’s what a local school said about my site:

Website contains prohibited violence/hate content

Are they right?


we do promote an attacking, in-your-face style of wrestling…

and we do train athletes to make the opponent uncomfortable (by putting them on defense immediately)…

and we even train our athletes to crush the opponent’s hopes and dreams of winning against us…

so yeah.

Perhaps they are right.

Perhaps we should strive to be more acceptable to the world.

Perhaps we can promote a kinder, gentler method of wrestling.

Then perhaps we can change our website to (hey – its available!).




Go ahead, marshmallow world, ban us – I dare you. 

We will continue to vehemently embrace our style and there’s nothing you can do about it! 


And now, just to rub it in to the marshmallow heads everywhere, I am training athletes tomorrow, via Takedown Masters Mini-Mag, how to relentlessly attack the opponent every time they shoot.

  • learn our step by step system for shutting down, moving and scoring on the opponent
  • put him on defense every time he shoots…and keep him there
  • score off his shot…every time
  • learn my system of short offense that is nearly impossible to escape.
  • the biggest mistake athletes make when the opponent shoots.

This can all be yours but tonight is the deadline to snag your copy of Takedown  Masters Online Mini-Mag.  

After that it vanishes like a banned website.

3 reasons I joined this cult

Let’s face it, a lot of folks just don’t understand us wrestling folk.

I'm sure you've heard these sad, sorry, misinformed souls struggle to relate, say things like this:

  • why would you want to roll around with a bunch of sweaty guys?
  • I could never wear that singlet thing
  • and of course…wrestling is so gay

They just don't get it.

Here, for the uneducated, is why we do it (short list, I could write a book):

  • Its the ultimate mano y mano sport.  There is NOTHING more masculine than physically dominating another guy on the mat
  • Its the toughest sport…which draws the toughest people.  If you can wrestle, everything else is easy (ask the navy seals…filled with wrestlers.  Ask special forces…swimming with wrestlers.
  • you can legally punch a guy in the face without going to jail (my personal favorite).

That's why I joined this cult called wrestling and continue to defend the compound

and yeah…we ARE wired just a little differently (okay a LOT differently)…

but we like ourselves, don't we?

The ultimate in sport is domination of your opponent…and the key to dominating your opponent is developing your own relentless attacking style, which allows you to put your opponent on defense immediately and keep him there….

which I go into depth about tomorrow morning via the Takedown Master's mini-mag.

This episode is called Learn how to develop a relentless attacking style.

…and now for the junior high and high schoolers…

The Wizard of ZZ

If you have ever had an extended stay in the hospital, you know it is common practice to wake a patient up to give them a sleeping pill.

So recently I had to go to Licking Memorial Hospital to meet with a sleep doctor…

thank you ultra concerned yet overprotective wife.

So I visit this guy, this brilliant doctor – I think he's from India.  

Cool as heck.  I call him the Wizard of ZZ.

After a (not really very thorough) examination, he shares his brilliant diagnosis with me like this:

He tells me “go to sleep!  You feel betta!”

I love the Indians (to quote trump).

Simple message from a simple yet brilliant man who makes 6 figures just telling people “go to sleep!  You feel betta!”

To think America ain't already great?

While there's still time, don't sleep on your chance to get Friday's Takedown Master's mini-mag, which promises to make you 'feel betta' about this:

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Youth Wrestlers/Parents….

High School/Junior High…


Why I am 100% in charge

Yes, I actually have one of these shirts

One of my favorite shows is The Profit,  featuring Marcus Lemonis.

Marcus invests in struggling/failing small businesses, buys in for a percentage, and then turns them upside down, and right side up, fixing things and making himself  – as well as the owners –  a ton o' $$.

and every episode he ingrains into them his mantra: “I am 100% in charge.”

He succeeds where others fail by knowing exactly what to do and how to do it…

and when he is finished, his new business partners also know exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it, the Marcus Way, to ensure long-term success.

It's all about process.

And just as business owners sometimes flounder by going in too many directions, instead of following a winning process, wrestlers flounder the very same way.

…and the evidence is all around you.

The wrestler who steps on the mat, not knowing exactly what he is going to do or exactly how to do it, will flounder more often than not.

Now for the good news.

Your days of floundering on your feet, wondering what to do next, are over.

You can learn my process for winning…and knowing exactly what to do when the whistle blows.

Step one of your solution will be revealed Friday via this brand new offering so…

be sure you get in on this while you can.

with the first pick in the draft…

…and it was a tough decision…

it was very close between two very strong competitors.

One had ‘all the tools’…size, athleticism, big arm.

The other had those tiny intangibles…like the ability to learn…strong work ethic…great attitude.

I picked #2 – the guy with the attitude and work ethic…and ended up with a hall of famer.

The other team went with the ‘big arm’ and all they got was the shaft.

Winning is more fun than losing

We win, and we win a lot, by having the right attitude, and an open mind to training.

We lose when we think we only need talent.  Talent helps – immensely…

but ‘tain’t never enuff.

Such is life. 

Speaking of winning,  this weekend is your very last chance to jump aboard and win by snagging the first ever edition of our Mat Machine Online Mini-Mag, where you will discover what athletes waste a ton of brain power on…and how you can avoid this worrisome mistake.

Also – how to get the edge – every time – over your opponent.

she goes to print Sunday if you want her


On the precipice of a catastrophe: why the sport of wrestling teeters on a dangerous cliff

He weighed over 130 pounds, despite weighing in at less than 106 lbs the day before.

He easily outsized his opponent by 20 lbs, maybe 25 lbs.  There was no way he was going to lose that match, no way he would be denied a place in state…

but also no chance he would make weight again.

He didn’t need to, he just defaulted out…still earning his place in state while denying a youngster who actually weighed his weight class, any chance at all of it.

One might ask, “this is equity?”  In a sport defined by weight classes, how can one explain such an enormous differential in weight?

And while equity is a fair question, a better question is:  this is safe?

Is this truly how we protect the safety of our young men and occasional women who choose to compete?

I worry about the safety of the natural 106 lber.

I also worry about the safety of that young man who cut so much weight that he regained over 25 lbs in such a short time.

What's more disturbing than an athlete cutting dangerous amounts of weight?

An entire community of athletes cutting a dangerous amount of weight because it gives them their best path to winning at the highest levels.

Wall of Denial

Every time I read an article touting the 'safety' of the sport…how the new rules have protected athletes from dangerous weight reduction, have made for 'happier wrestlers wrestling at their natural weight', it makes me want to puke because its such a lie.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a trainer of athletes I do everything in my power to help guide the young men who train with me…

guide them to safely reduce their weight and stay healthy…

but it is increasingly more difficult when the kids who 'do it right', go through alpha testing and follow the spirit of the rule, get punished at the end of the year…up a weight class from where they should be, getting beaten by much bigger athletes and by a system that encourages drastic weight reduction at the most crucial times of the year.

Had a guy who trains with me who wrestled 120.  Barely missed out on certifying for 113.  Got to state and was the smallest 120 I saw…by far.

The system is definitely rigged against the folks wanting to follow the rules.
-Roy (wrestling coach in Ohio)

The governing bodies are to blame.

Listen to me and listen carefully…

The governing bodies are to blame.  The alpha system is a tool designed to 'keep athletes safe' but it does the opposite.

Athletes are losing large amounts of weight early in the season to make alpha certification at the weight they want to go…

crashing back down to weight for the most important events of the year, sectional, district and state (here in Ohio), because the rules allow for weigh-outs…meaning, gain as much weight as you can overnight and the next day.  Be as big as possible for finals because it is to your advantage….and to the detriment of the 'wrestle your natural weight' athlete.

That cliff is looming ever larger

Folks, we're playing a dangerous game and its not going to end well.   We are asking for catastrophe to strike, ala 1997 all over again.

In 1997, 3 college wrestlers died while cutting weight.  Drastic rules changes came into place but before they did, a lot of hand-wringing…

a lot of administrators taking a long hard look at our sport and deciding whether it was worth it to field a team.

Very negative documentaries airing over major networks, demonizing our sport.

News outlets went from ignoring wrestling to flooding the airwaves with negativity about wrestling, and lots of it.

If you think tragedy can't strike again,  look at these factors and tell me you're convinced our athletes are safe and nothing bad is ever going to happen to any of them…

  • large amounts of weight reduction in short amounts of time
  • enormous weight gains (the model is already out there – its what many MMA stars do)
  • little supervision when reducing for alpha early in the season
  • scary levels of dehydration going on to make weight

…and worse…

a general attitude among many wrestlers that ‘this is what you have to do in order to win’.

Just recently, one of my athletes said this to me:

I really believe that losing a bunch of weight all at once is the way to go.  No sense cutting all week and being miserable.  Plus, you’re bigger than your opponents if you can gain it all back quickly.

Side note: the athlete who told me this failed to make weight his next time on the scales.

Kill Alpha before it kills us

Want to fix the problem?

Start with the Alpha testing.  Kill it off before it kills us.  Not only does it encourage massive weight cutting early in the season, before athletes are in shape, there is also widespread cheating and, at the very least, bending of the rules.  This method is not determining a safe weight for athletes to wrestle at.

It is simply in place to allow governing bodies to say, “see, we did our job, its not our fault.”  But it is and they should bear the brunt of the blame.

Next, insist on same-day weigh-ins…every time.  Weigh in no later than 1 1/2 hours before you wrestle.  If you can compete, you’re good to go.  It is very tough to gain back a ton of weight when you have to wrestle an hour later. 

advantage, natural-weight-class wrestler.

do this and watch the state crown some natural-weight-class state champs.

instead of the current champs…106 lbers weighing 125 lbs by finals.

We need to act now instead of later

The thought of a wrestler dying cutting weight is tragic and horrible.

It was tragic and horrible when it happened for real in 1997, too, when 3 college wrestlers lost their lives in a 6 week period of time.

Powers that be, please don’t be arrogant enough to think it can’t happen again.  The way we’re going, the extremes that athletes are taking to make their weight, makes this a very real possibility.

At risk are our youngsters we are supposed to be protecting.

We are failing in that regard.  If we don’t act now, I fear for the worst…an unspeakable tragedy that we will never recover from.

Let’s grow us some champions!

Spring is when flowers grow but something else does too.

A well-known coach says this is the time that his wrestlers grow into champions and he explained it this way…

After coaching for many many years, and seeing tons upon tons of his wrestlers achieve the ultimate in high school wrestling…State Champion…he made this very telling observation…

Every single one of them had done the same thing in the spring to grow their skills, and blossom into state champions.

They hit the freestyle/greco wrestling circuit in the spring.

Every one of them!

Isn't that an amazing stat? 

Wouldn't you think, after many years and 50+ champions, that at least one of them would be a non-freestyle, non-greco wrestler who was just beastly enough to win it all?

Its not just in his state though…

Here in Ohio, a full 73% of all State Finalists in 2015 wrestled freestyle/greco as well.

If I were a youngster today with aspirations of being a state champ, I'd certainly take notice.

There's a clear path to learning these styles and using this experience to reach state finalist level. 

The seeds must be planted just right, however….

can't just 'show up', or rassle 'round in a room.

One must be trained for success.

Every year, I see athletes become disenchanted…and aggravated, trying to cobble together enough info in these styles to become successful.

Its heartbreaking, but there is another way.

Train for success and success will follow.