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I share your frustration...

seeing your kid lose to someone, and knowing he is as talented as his opponent…and you truly believe if he can just get over the hump…HE can be at the top.

Oftentimes he can. I’ve seen it before and I’ve coached athletes who have done so.

But some kids have an (almost) unfair edge over others.

Here’s why:

In some areas, the norm…the culture…looks like this:  you wrestle the Olympic styles, you go to Nationals in Fargo.

Plain and simple. 

Their best do it and plan on it. As a result, when it really counts (like this past weekend in HS) they’re ready to kick tail.

Your tail.

And oftentimes, they do.

How would you like to not only even the playing field…but tilt that baby to your advantage?

Now’s the time.

Here’s how your athlete can gain a competitive edge over theirs:

  • learning high level techniques that are proven to work at the highest levels
  • training regimen specifically designed to accelerate your wrestlers wins – and
  • gaining instinctive, automatic hips that react instantly, instead of having to wait for an instruction from the corner (which is almost always too late)
  • gaining your mental edge over the competition
  • training to make the national teams (the ones that really count)

Our goals are clear, and our efforts are concentrated, NOT scattered. Athletes in this program will follow our path

straight to the top.

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Special Note: Its not by rubbing shoulders with “special guests”