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Mental Barriers to Winning

Human nature dictates that we fear what threatens our existence, and run from it.  Its known as fight or flight and has been talked about a lot.

Its also another aspect of human nature that can be a barrier to winning matches – but also can be exploited to our advantage…and must be contained in order to win against the tougher opponents.

The details

When wrestlers encounter an opponent who appears to have physical advantages over them such as:

  • faster
  • stronger
  • bigger
  • more mature

one’s body immediately prepares for fight or flight mode by doing this:

  • start sweating profusely
  • tense up
  • adrenaline starts kicking in

If I encountered a mountain lion, I’d want these natural instincts to kick in.  When wrestling an opponent – I’d like to keep the adrenaline but ditch the others.

  How your buddy aids and abets the enemy

Your very bestest friend on your team may well be helping the enemy – especially by invoking the following warnings to you:   

  • watch out, he’s strong
  • he’s a state champ
  • look out for his single leg
  • don’t get hurt

Thanks, buddy.

He’s not really helping you…instead, he’s preparing you for defeat.

In order to conquer your most physically gifted adversaries, you must neutralize your friend’s negative warnings…or shut him up completely.

Warning:  If you can’t conquer this mental barrier, you will struggle forever to push through your imaginary ceiling to the next level, and beat the better athletes.

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By reading it, you will discover:

  • how to shut down the feeling of impending doom
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  • Using your own fight or flight response to your advantage

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