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Human nature is, without a doubt, the root of all evil in the world.
  • It's why we have wars…  
  • fail to accept those different from ourselves…
  • and selfishly think of ourselves first.

The ugliest aspects of human nature threaten our very existence.

The positive aspects of human nature, however, include…

  • the need and desire to help others.
  • the desire (at least by most of us) to be good people
  • the desire to be like others (wait – that one's not always a positive)

We are naturally born copycats

See a successful idea?
TV show?
Club name?
It's a guarantee that before long, you will see cheap knock-offs of successful ideas (my own club, and the wording around it,  has been copied shamelessly – exact phrases used to promote it, lifted for others' own use:  premier this, attack that).

And each successive rip-off is weaker, less effective, less valuable than the original (like those who ripped off my club for instance).

An original Rembrandt is worth millions while the copy may be had for pennies on the dollar.

Our desire to copy the success of others…or perceived success…leaves a huge crack in the foundation – allowing those who are wise enough to navigate around it and stand out in the crowd.
Human nature (and the desire for copying others – can be used to your benefit.  I've studied the psychology of human nature in wrestling for 30+ years.  I know exactly how to exploit it….

And I will reveal it to you in a few days, with a  Free Report.  In it, I will give you the blueprint for exploiting human nature for your benefit…in wrestling as well as in life.  Once you receive this, you will be able to unlock a secret to success that few people even know exist.

Why am I doing this?

Two Reasons: 

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