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Are You Satisfied?

If you participated in your respective high school state championship, congratulations.

If you Placed or Won your state championship, an even bigger congratulations.

Now is the time however when I have to ask you an all important question:   Are you Satisfied?

There are really only two possible answers:

Yes I am or No I am not.
If your answer is “NO", now is the time for the next very important question:

What are you going to do about it?

Well you have three choices…

Cry (see picture below)


Or cry and Act.

Either of the last two are preferable.

If you are ready to ACT NOW so next year will be your best season ever, keep reading.

If not, see Option #1 above.

Here’s the full uncensored story of how you can stop wondering why you’re not winning almost every match and enjoy the season that you’ve always dreamed about.

How many times have you said “I can't seem to get in on my opponents”  How many times have you thought “If I could have blocked his last takedown I would have won the match.”  Or this very common one:  “I wish I could score off my opponents' shots!"

How many times have you said,  “I just cannot get off the bottom…escape from legs…counter the spiral half…"


“He was really good from bottom and I couldn’t turn him.”

All of these shortcomings may have seemed tragic to you this year when you experienced them, but here is the real truth

Maybe you don't realize that every elite level wrestler has struggled with these exact same situations at some point in their wrestling careers.

There were certain skills they didn’t yet possess.  They have worried, “Am I just not talented enough?" and wondered, “Are some guys just lucky?"  Or this one, “Maybe they are just a freak of nature."

The truth is, there, are very few true freaks of nature.  I've been to the circus and seen a few of them but…

Most of the time there is something that moved these athletes to the level of an elite wrestler.  

How did they become a champion?

I know you want to know the answer to that very question.

So I'm going to give you the answer right now.

They learned there is a process – a formula –  a path to winning matches more often.

The best wrestlers in the country approach improvement as a formula – a process – a path to winning matches more often.

Once they have found this path, they know exactly what they want to do on the mat.

Would you like to learn more about how this path can lead you to greater success than ever before?  If so, click the button below, this blog is getting a bit long…

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