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I hate it when I’m right

Back in March, I said this in my book: In all likelihood, Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. After all, SARS saw a resurgence in Toronto after its initial wave…

I went on to add this:

It is a unique time in our society, and also for our sport. A scary time to be certain. But this moment in time also provides a unique opportunity to get our act together as a wrestling community – plug the holes in our health protocols that relate not just to Covid-19, but a host of medical issues that the wrestling world faces.

In Chapter One, Alarming statistics and dire predictions by health experts, I added this:

If you think the government can protect you from coronavirus or any future pandemic, all you need to do is study history so you’re not doomed to repeat it.

As we stand right now, March 2020, there is no cure – and it will take a minimum of 6 months to develop a vaccine.
The most prepared government in the world is never prepared for a pandemic. The next pandemic, like this one will be upon us, in our communities, with people infected, literally before we know it exists.
That’s why it is imperative that you take safety measures now, and in the future, to protect yourself and your family.

Additionally, this from chapter two:

It is likely that this virus is not going away anytime soon…..and precautions enacted by authorities could stem the threat – however, variant strains of this virus may well rear their ugly heads for many years into the future.
Our lives, in essence, could be drastically changed forever.

Chapter Three explains why the wrestling world is doomed (it certainly is, unless changes are made quickly, as outlined in the book, and especially chapter 5, Health protocols to keep your wrestlers safe).

Many of these protocols apply to life outside the wrestling room as well. Want extra assurance that you’re taking every precaution to keep your athlete safe and healthy? This book can certainly help.

You can check out the book here


PS: Combine all this with what our current situation is:

  • Covid-19 roaring back, in our area as well as many parts of the nation
    fall sports everywhere being postponed
    schools on remote learning
    colleges and universities, as well as state governments and business as a whole, facing enormous financial deficits (see what I said in my book about Penn State and why they are likely to survive while others fail).