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Learn to capitalize from these FATAL FLAWS committed by nearly every wrestler.

Throughout my 25+ years of training athletes, I have stumbled across numerous technical flaws that are prevalent in the wrestling world... 

Positions, techniques, moves that are flawed, but so commonplace, that nearly every wrestler commits them.

Just recently I watched a young man lose an NCAA National Championship due to committing one of these flaws.

Every year I see athletes commit two very big flaws while attempting a takedown.  These two are so prevalent that they can be seen in practically every single wrestling match.

Leg riders benefit greatly from two huge flaws that nearly every wrestler commits in attempting to counter legs.

Here are some of the most common fatal flaws in wrestling:

  • Locking hands wrong on a standing single (cost the above mentioned wrestler a national title)
  • Go behind attempt for takedown (2 flaws)
  • Leg riding – positioning (going to the hip) and attacking with the wrong arm
  • Two on One counters (committed by many high level athletes and taught incorrectly by many high level coaches)

Interestingly enough, most wrestlers and coaches believe they know exactly how to win from these positions, but sadly, most of them are misinformed, which is why these flaws continue to perpetuate.

There are at least 4 more on the feet that I can think of at the top of my head, (and probably another dozen if you give me another half hour), but I won't get into the specifics until the upcoming Takedown Master Camp, where I will be exposing these critical flaws in detail…and showing athletes in attendance how to beat their opponents by exploiting these weaknesses.

There are tons of them from the top/down position, in addition to the leg counters and top position, and you will be trained to take advantage at the upcoming Mat Crush Camp.

Youth wrestlers face even more fatal flaws, some related to beating head & arm and cement mixers.  These are easily fixed and you will be trained to do so at the Fall Youth Takedown Camp.

Every wrestler can win more matches immediately by learning how to beat fatal flaws.  That's why these flaws are exposed during camp – so you are ready to take advantage when the season gets rolling.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking you will “learn it on the fly" in the middle of the season.  Its a fatal error many people make, and unfortunately, the result is desperately trying to play catch-up in the middle of the season instead of excelling right out of the gate.

If you're a wrestler, now is your chance to learn what most don't know, expose and beat these fatal flaws.  Its agonizing seeing wrestlers devastated by losing in these ways.

Breaking News: A Home Run is now worth 2

What would you think if you woke up to this news?

The news that overnight, in the middle of the baseball season, they suddenly changed the rules so drastically that runs were counted differently?

Now we all know this isn’t going to happen…in Baseball.

But in Freestyle and Greco wrestling, this happens on a regular basis.  Just this year, the 5 point grand amplitude throw – I’d call it the Grand Slam of Greco wrestling – was in the rules…and then OUT…and now, as of today, back IN.

We wonder why we struggle in Freestyle and Greco – sports that are immensely more exciting than tons of sports out there – including the much more popular baseball – and then we see these drastic mid-season rules changes.

I implore the powers that be (UWW, I’m talking to you), to stop a minute and think about what you are doing.

Changing rules in such a flippant manner cheapens our sport and harms it more than you realize.

Why the Cleveland State saga should be a warning to us all

On March 30, Cleveland State University voted to no longer fund the wrestling program, and instead, add Lacrosse.  Fortunately, we have recently gotten word that CSU has reversed course and wrestling has been saved.  However, this should act as a wake-up call to all of us.

Let's start with Lacrosse.

If you are asking yourself why an Ohio college would pick up a sport like Lacrosse, let me throw some descriptions your way:


  • Exciting
  • Fastest growing sport
  • Inexpensive
  • Will bring in fans
These are all descriptions being used when describing Lacrosse.

Don't we wish these very same things were being said about our sport!

In the future, the very survival of wrestling could well depend on that very factor…yet here we still sit, stuck in the mud accepting what we've currently got.

And I know my thoughts may alienate a lot of people, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

My vision for this sport is much brighter than the current reality, because I see a path to wrestling being that sport.

The sport that is so exciting you don't want to miss it.

Athletes who attack relentlessly, constantly putting the opponent on the defense and pushing the action.

If that sounds familiar to some of you, its because I've been pushing this up-tempo style for years now and training athletes to do so through my Attack System.

Its the way I believe matches should be wrestled, and its what I believe is the key to the future of our sport.

If athletes everywhere attacked relentlessly, how much fun would our sport be to watch?  Even better yet, how much more fun would our sport be for athletes competing in it?

Now, rules committees from college on down to high school have to get on board as well.  It can no longer be good enough to accept a boring, stalling wrestler being a champion.  We want people to look at a wrestler and say, “That's why he's a champ – because he attacks relentlessly!”

On the college level, some of the rules changes that would help are:

  • Bring back the 1 second near fall like it used to be, rewarding athletes taking chances on top
  • Don't reward riding time points unless near fall is scored (thank you to my friend Coach Jason for that one)
  • Take a point every time someone goes out of bounds.
  • Eliminate the horrible 4 point defensive lineman stance (if you get in it, you have 3 seconds to attack or you are stalling)
  • Eliminate stall tactics such as grabbing fingers and other blocks that don't lead to an attack.

That's just a start.  I'd like to hear from you if you have more rules changes that you feel would make the sport more exciting.  Send me an email and let me know.

My wrestling friends, we have to push the action!  Let's not wait until its too late!

I often ask myself, Is the wrestling world ready for this attacking system of wrestling?  If you'd like to read more about it, click the button below and read all about it.

Congratulations, you got a great draw, and here’s how I know that
Picture  Attention State Qualifying Wrestler:  I saw your bracket and you got a great draw!

Picture Attention State Qualifying Wrestler: I saw your bracket and you got a great draw!

Do you want the truth?  Sure you can handle the truth??

The reason I say you got a great draw, is because you are on the bracket.

Think about all those athletes sitting at home this weekend who didn’t get on the bracket.

Here’s the problem I see though, and it happens way too often…  

Brackets come out.  Athletes, coaches and parents pore over them meticulously – and then proceed to decide when their athlete is going to get beat, and by whom.

I’m sure you’ve seen this too.  In fact, maybe you’ve even been guilty of it.  

The truth is, looking at the bracket has absolutely no value in helping you perform at your best in that match.


Just a few weeks ago, one of my athletes asked me, “If I lose, who do I wrestle next?” 

I knew as soon as I heard him utter this deadly phrase,  that I’d better get to work changing his mindset or the match wasn’t going to go well.

This is your opportunity to shine.  Why would you want to dampen it by killing off your chances before the whistle blows?

Take my advice and try this….

  • Don’t look past your first opponent on the bracket.
  • Determine that you are going to put yourself in the very best mindset to wrestle your very best match.
  • Spend time doing mental reps, visualizing yourself shaking his hand, putting him on defense right away and executing your plan.

Then visualize your hand being raised in victory.

No matter who the opponent is, your mental approach should be the same.

See why looking at the bracket doesn’t make a bit of difference?

Now, whatever you do, don’t waste your opportunity doing what a lot of wrestlers do, and beat yourself before you wrestle!

Take a winning approach, as I outlined above.  Its immensely more effective – and makes wrestling a lot more fun, too.

There’s an untold secret that can unlock that winning approach for you. 

Its a proven fact that wrestlers who have learned a process have more confidence when they hit that mat than any other.

To learn more about having a winning process, click here.

Are You Satisfied?

If you participated in your respective high school state championship, congratulations.

If you Placed or Won your state championship, an even bigger congratulations.

Now is the time however when I have to ask you an all important question:   Are you Satisfied?

There are really only two possible answers:

Yes I am or No I am not.
If your answer is “NO”, now is the time for the next very important question:

What are you going to do about it?

Well you have three choices…

Cry (see picture below)


Or cry and Act.

Either of the last two are preferable.

If you are ready to ACT NOW so next year will be your best season ever, keep reading.

If not, see Option #1 above.

Here’s the full uncensored story of how you can stop wondering why you’re not winning almost every match and enjoy the season that you’ve always dreamed about.

How many times have you said “I can't seem to get in on my opponents”  How many times have you thought “If I could have blocked his last takedown I would have won the match.”  Or this very common one:  “I wish I could score off my opponents' shots!”

How many times have you said,  “I just cannot get off the bottom…escape from legs…counter the spiral half…”


“He was really good from bottom and I couldn’t turn him.”

All of these shortcomings may have seemed tragic to you this year when you experienced them, but here is the real truth

Maybe you don't realize that every elite level wrestler has struggled with these exact same situations at some point in their wrestling careers.

There were certain skills they didn’t yet possess.  They have worried, “Am I just not talented enough?” and wondered, “Are some guys just lucky?”  Or this one, “Maybe they are just a freak of nature.”

The truth is, there, are very few true freaks of nature.  I've been to the circus and seen a few of them but…

Most of the time there is something that moved these athletes to the level of an elite wrestler.  

How did they become a champion?

I know you want to know the answer to that very question.

So I'm going to give you the answer right now.

They learned there is a process – a formula –  a path to winning matches more often.

The best wrestlers in the country approach improvement as a formula – a process – a path to winning matches more often.

Once they have found this path, they know exactly what they want to do on the mat.

Would you like to learn more about how this path can lead you to greater success than ever before?  If so, click the button below, this blog is getting a bit long…

…but Alabama was PERFECT
Picture If you watched Ohio State play Alabama in football, you might have caught the following mental mistake...

Picture If you watched Ohio State play Alabama in football, you might have caught the following mental mistake…

It was the first half and things were turning in a negative direction for the Buckeyes.  The score was 21-6 and it was looking grim, when the announcers started talking about OSU coach Urban Meyer’s response to studying Alabama on film.  The sportscaster asked Meyer if he had found the weaknesses on Alabama’s team to exploit, and Meyer said, “They have no weaknesses.”

Now let’s understand for a minute what was happening here.  Urban Meyer, coach of the OSU Buckeyes, didn’t really believe Alabama had no weaknesses.  He was just being polite for the press – while keeping his true findings to himself.

The sportscasters, however, missed it.  They used that conversation to make their point, at that particular junction in the game, for a reason:  To let YOU know that even the opposing coach thinks Alabama is perfect – therefore, unbeatable – hence you should feel that way as well.

Only problem was, Urban Meyer didn’t really mean it. 

He was only being polite.

And now you know the rest of the story….

This is an important lesson for you to remember.  There are times when people close to you will do everything in their power to let you know that your upcoming opponent is PERFECT.   And unbeatable.

Just like Alabama.

I hope, when that happens, you remember how Ohio State handled “perfect” and “unbeatable”.

Nobody is perfect and nobody is unbeatable.


One key part of my Stay Healthy Guide
One of my most dedicated wrestlers, Cole, helped us get in the Christmas spirit this past week.  Thanks, Cole!

One of my most dedicated wrestlers, Cole, helped us get in the Christmas spirit this past week. Thanks, Cole!

With the holidays here, and big Holiday Tournaments around the corner, I wanted to remind wrestlers to Stay Healthy.  I've mentioned this Stay Healthy Guide that I am working on, but I'm afraid it won't be done for a while yet.  Holiday time is Family time here at the Simpson household, as it is for most, so some of these things will have to wait because I'm just running out of time.

However, there are some key health-related things you can do now to stay healthy during this seasonal season.

Today, let's discuss Diet and Weight Management.  Every athlete's favorite subject!  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Eat Healthy
  • Dehydration should be the very last resort thing you do
  • Know your body and take a scientific approach to the scale

Now in detail…

Avoid Skipping Meals

When you skip meals, your body adjusts accordingly by slowing down its metabolism (making it harder to cut weight) and burning muscle for energy. This is why many wrestlers get weaker as the season progresses, by the way.

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat, as they say, and if you put junk into your body, you very well might wrestle like junk! The food you eat is energy for your body. Would you gas your car with the wrong kind of fuel? If you put dirt in the gas tank your car won't go. Wh would your body be any different?

Dehydration should be the last resort

Your body is made up of about 60-65% water. Dehydration does all kinds of negative things to the body, including organ damage. Without water your body starts to shut down. If you dehydrate to make weight, at least limit it to the last possible minute. Do not get pulled into the habit of dehydration all week long – and limit it even on the last day.

A Scientific approach to the scale.

Here's something I did when I was a kid, trying to monitor my weight…

First, I would weight myself on the school scales. Then I'd go home and weight myself on my home scales. That way I'd have a baseline to compare to. Keep in mind, you have to be wearing exactly the same amount of clothes – whether that is some, or none at all – so your baseline is accurate. You also have to avoid eating or drinking anything between these weigh-ins. And, it goes without saying – the weigh-ins have to be close together in time.

Next I would weigh myself right before bed. I'd note the time. First thing in the morning, another weigh-in. Again, same level of clothing both times. From these two weigh-ins, I would calculate how much weight I would 'drift off' in a particular amount of time. Drifting is the amount of weight you will lose simply by existing, not counting working out.

By doing this I figured out that I would lose, on average, one pound every 8 hours. Then I'd go the math: If weigh-ins were 24 hours away, I could count on drifting about 3 lbs in that amount of time. Armed with this knowledge, I would know exactly how much weight I could gain through eating and drinking during the time I weighed, to the meet's weigh-ins. This allowed me to put together a consumption plan – what I would eat, and drink, during that time. Oftentimes that plan also included me working out at some point (I even had a scientific approach and a specific workout designed to lose weight, and I'd know exactly how much weight I was going to lose from that particular workout. But that's for another time.)

That's it for now, have a great holiday and Stay Healthy!