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The force is with you (you just don’t know it yet)
Luke, use the force

Very famous line from one of my all time favorites, Star Wars.

Obi Wan tries to convince Luke that the force is all around him and willing to help, but Luke doesn't believe him.

It took him 3 movies (making billions of dollars each of course) to convince him until, by the third one, he was doing this stuff In his sleep…

  • Controlling thought
  • Moving objects around like they were on a string (which they were of course)
  • Generally owning the universe

How cool it must've been to be a boy named Luke in the 80's.

Yet I digress…

Did you know it is possible to control your opponents' thoughts and movements, like a Jedi master?

It is, and I'll show you how.

It's really quite simple.  See, the first step is…

well, you'll find out soon enough.