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How to control your opponents thoughts like a Jedi master
How to control your opponents thoughts like a Jedi master

Last email ticked off a lot of people.

Hey – you have the formula to controlling the universe and you're just gonna keep it to yourself? Gimme wanna!

Stuff like that.

So okay, I give. Here's how you control your opponents thoughts…

by using human nature against him.

Yes really!

Very simply, humans are wired to react a certain way in certain situations. For instance…

See a mountain lion bounding toward you, snarling and baring its teeth while approaching at lightning speed?

Well, you're going to naturally react in a self preserving survivalist way…

And push your buddy to the ground so you can escape.

I mean…

You know…

Run really fast and stuff.

Survival instincts are built into all of us.

In wrestling, we use those same instincts to avoid attack…

as do our opponents.

And because humans are wired to react in such a way, we can accurately control how our opponent is going to react…and think…in specific situations, through our actions.

Amazing that very few wrestlers actually use this to their advantage.

Perhaps you've lost matches you should've won because you didn't possess this important skill. I know how frustrating that can be.

Because those who do, have posted incredible results.

And you can too.

I've witnessed it first hand with wrestlers who train here…

possessing the ability to use human nature against their opponent…

thus jumping many levels and consistently beating athletes that others thought undefeatable.

Starting September 18, you too can start mastering jedi mind control.