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What John Smith told me

Number of years ago I interviewed Olympic Gold Medalist John Smith for my newspaper column, Winner's Circle, that ran in papers around Ohio.

First, a little background:

John Smith was one of America's greatest wrestlers.  Three Time National Champ for Oklahoma State, followed by two Olympic Freestyle Gold Medals.

John's style was unique.  Not fancy but unique

He would attack the low ankle using a short list of set-ups, get to the same position, and finish multiple ways.

In his honor, some still call this shot the Smith Single.

Everyone in the world knew exactly what he was going to do. 

The Germans, the Japanese, even le Ruskies…

nobody could stop it – even though the best coaches in the world tried.

How incredible to be able to go out there, tell your opponent exactly what you're going to do…and do it anyway.

What I discovered by talking to John Smith

John shared a lot of great information with me, including his family background, training regimen and incredibly strong mindset.  I'll have to share some of that with you another time, but there's one question I asked him, that I want to talk about today:

I asked him:  “How did you develop your world famous single leg so that you could hit it on anyone?"

His answer:

I spent hours upon hours doing nothing but hitting that one shot.  Changing levels, getting in on the shot, perfect position.  I'd spend hours a day doing nothing but that move.  Setting up, getting in.  Setting up, getting in.  Having partners try to keep me from getting in on the shot, knowing it was coming, and me working to get in anyway.

Then I practiced getting in, and finishing from every imaginable scenario.  Whatever the guy could do to counter,  he'd throw at me.

“How much time did you spend on it?"

I spent several hours every day…for years.  Probably from the time I was about 8, until I won the gold medal.  Every day.

At an early age, John Smith discovered the secret to success in wrestling – and life:

Keep repeatedly drilling those things that lead to success….until you are better at it than anyone.

John Smith followed this process, and it led him to multiple Olympic Gold medals.

You can follow the same process, and as a result, find more success than you’ve ever had in your life!

First though, you will have to be strong enough to shut down the self-described ex-spurts that deceive you by telling you to learn a different move every week, and have you spinning in a circle to find the magic moves that make you a champion.

John Smith didn’t do that – he won world titles by learning one system and scoring with one shot.

Want to learn the process that led John Smith to Olympic Gold?