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3 reasons I joined this cult

Let's face it, a lot of folks just don't understand us wrestling folk.

I'm sure you've heard these sad, sorry, misinformed souls struggle to relate, say things like this:

  • why would you want to roll around with a bunch of sweaty guys?
  • I could never wear that singlet thing
  • and of course…wrestling is so gay

They just don't get it.

Here, for the uneducated, is why we do it (short list, I could write a book):

  • Its the ultimate mano y mano sport.  There is NOTHING more masculine than physically dominating another guy on the mat
  • Its the toughest sport…which draws the toughest people.  If you can wrestle, everything else is easy (ask the navy seals…filled with wrestlers.  Ask special forces…swimming with wrestlers.
  • you can legally punch a guy in the face without going to jail (my personal favorite).

That's why I joined this cult called wrestling and continue to defend the compound

and yeah…we ARE wired just a little differently (okay a LOT differently)…

but we like ourselves, don't we?

The ultimate in sport is domination of your opponent…and the key to dominating your opponent is developing your own relentless attacking style, which allows you to put your opponent on defense immediately and keep him there….

which I go into depth about tomorrow morning via the Takedown Master's mini-mag.

This episode is called Learn how to develop a relentless attacking style.

…and now for the junior high and high schoolers…