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Brainwashing secrets of the ‘nice devil’

Years ago a dedicated young whippersnapper dubbed me the ‘nice devil’. (Kids can be so warm and caring.)

His reasons included:

  • my penchant for running them through a grueling workout, all while smiling
  • diabolically brainwashing them into accepting my system of wrestling
  • taking common movements taught in every room, flipping them on their ear and using it against the opposition
  • The two remaining pointy hairs on my head that would stick up, resembling horns

I relished the role of the ‘nice devil’ and considered it a compliment (probably explains my admiration of Thanos).

Well, young whippersnapper adopted my diabolical ways and as a result, knocked off a far superior athlete in one of the largest upsets the Cincinnati area had seen in years – catapulting himself to state by knocking off the projected state champ.

He did so by fully utilizing the devils quadrangle (fitting) – a simple 4 step system for winning hand fights, tying up and shutting down the most athletic opponents.   Then, using our superior position to take him down at will (which he did to Mr. Projected State Champ).

This week at ACE, you get see what I taught him, that led him to this huge upset and major signature win.,

It’ll be on display for this special session as we crack open the doors just a tad (we’re already packed in so space and openings are already very limited.

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