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Breaking News: A Home Run is now worth 2

What would you think if you woke up to this news?

The news that overnight, in the middle of the baseball season, they suddenly changed the rules so drastically that runs were counted differently?

Now we all know this isn't going to Baseball.

But in Freestyle and Greco wrestling, this happens on a regular basis.  Just this year, the 5 point grand amplitude throw – I’d call it the Grand Slam of Greco wrestling – was in the rules…and then OUT…and now, as of today, back IN.

We wonder why we struggle in Freestyle and Greco – sports that are immensely more exciting than tons of sports out there – including the much more popular baseball – and then we see these drastic mid-season rules changes.

I implore the powers that be (UWW, I’m talking to you), to stop a minute and think about what you are doing.

Changing rules in such a flippant manner cheapens our sport and harms it more than you realize.

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