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Grandma got run over by a Wrestler

I was reminded recently of this meme:
Only a comma separates “Let’s go eat, Grandma” from “Let’s go eat Grandma”.

See how important the finer details are?

Grandma surely does.

Similarly in wrestling, one tiny missed detail can mean the difference between celebrating your trip to state, or missing out on the big show.

Such is the focus of many sessions in Attack Club East, Central Ohio’s longest running club.

One finer detail that most miss (which is probably going to be front and center on Day One of Attack Club East,, which is Sunday September 26):    

Scoring the easiest takedown in wrestling…namely, the go behind off your opponent’s shot.

And the finer detail (actually there are two of them) that most wrestlers miss, costs a ton of takedowns every season.

If you’ve ever attempted to spin behind and ended up getting taken down, you know of what I speak.

You can join us for ACE by signing up here


PS:  Special thanks to my friend Tiffany for the graphic.