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How to win from these three critical positions

This weekend at districts, many matches will be won and lost from 3 critical positions.

Let’s look at each:

Position 1: short offense (aka, scoring off the opponents shot)
When one wrestler fights off a scoring attempt, and then takes down the other, its a strong indication who is going to win the match. Most wrestlers struggle with two key (yet easy to fix) points that make the difference in getting the takedown or not. When they grab your leg, you know you’ve missed one of them – so keep them from grabbing your leg.

Position 2: maintaining a strong base in down position.
If you struggle to keep a strong base, here’s an out of the box fix – wrestle greco. Greco par Terre (that’s bottom position) is one of the hardest positions to defend in wrestling because the rules are so restrictive in what you can do to defend, that you simply have no choice but to develop instinctive hips that shut the opponent down immediately – and those same skills keep you on your base in folkstyle. From there, getting out is a cinch.

Position 3: the deadly over/under throw position.
One of the most common (and devastating) ways to lose a match is by getting locked up and thrown. Its a crushing defeat both mentally and physically when you’ve given your all and built up a lead only to see it evaporate in one single movement.

Its also extremely unnecessary. Its relatively easy to shut down most throws. Your best shutdown tactics make it impossible to get thrown and can be developed in a very short time. Winning from these positions is a key focus in our spring wrestling regimen.

These are a few reasons why spring Olympic styles wrestling makes winter champions.

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