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How you know it’s time to give up baseball
How you know it’s time to give up baseball

“I’m thinking about joining your freestyle / greco club this spring, but I usually play soccer in the spring."

That’s when I popped this question: Do you love soccer and have a passion for it?

“Well…. I’ve done it since I was 5 years old.”

My reply?

Well that’s long enough.

Now if he’d have said, “Yes, I love soccer and have a passion for it” my answer would’ve been:

Go play soccer. Follow your passion.

There’s a difference between a passion and an obligation.

That young man was following an obligation.

(Some of my obligations include paying the gas bill and picking up my socks.)

Right now you might be considering whether to continue following a familiar path – like playing baseball for instance.

Ask yourself: is it my passion or is it an obligation?

Here’s how to identify a passion:

  • you just lost in districts and are passionate about going to state next year.
  • You want to wrestle in college
  • You have a burning desire to elevate yourself to higher levels
  • You are passionate about leaping ahead of wrestlers who currently stand between you and your goals

If the above apply, follow your passion here


PS. Lets say you really want to play baseball, You really love baseball! And you also want to further your wrestling.

What’s cool is, you can still train here this spring and also play baseball…or soccer…or track…or even field.

Just follow this link and join Club Simpson – our twice per week option.