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“I Went to camp and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!”

Yesterday's discussion about the thou$ands that people waste/spend on camps left out one not-so memorable piece of the experience:

the brand new $5 shirt you got to stuff in your bag.

Might be worth $10 if you got an autograph.

If the only thing you remember about camp is the shirt, perhaps you may want this instead…

Train here and discover a powerful system of wrestling

This is your chance to gain an (almost) unfair advantage over your opponent – right from the whistle.

From the feet, You can discover:

  • A simple technique so you are positioned to attack – but nearly impossible to take down.
  • The most dynamic set-up system to create openings and angles so you can attack your opponent multiple ways
  • Own the circle – by systematically breaking your opponent's position
  • Learn the finer details that give elite wrestlers the best chance to finish their shots…every time!
  • Much, much, more,  aimed at making you a master of the takedown.

On the mat, you can discover:

  • How to turn the best athletes quickly
  • Exploit the most common tendencies that athletes do and coaches teach
  • From bottom, shut down the opponent’s attacks in the first split-second
  • Learn why it never matters what the opponent’s first move is…from top or down
  • Much, much more to fast track your top and down positions

And a cool T-shirt to boot (autographs are discouraged though, I’ve got lousy handwriting).

go here and grab your spot


PS. The Last session of camp is a comprehensive “final exam" review session to reinforce what you’ve learned through the week (most camps don’t dare even attempt this but we embrace it).