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I had an email almost ready to go out when I started feeling a little off.  So I decided to pick it back up in the morning.

In the morning I woke up in excruciating pain, and after numerous attempts by my dear sweet loving wife (threatening me with bodily harm), I finally agreed to go to Urgent Care.

From there, the pain got worse, and I was transported by ambulance to Licking
Memorial Hospital in Newark.

It actually was a rather pleasant ride.  My condition would come and go – and when it flared up, the pain would send me through the roof.  Then it would subside for a while – maybe 10 minutes – and I’d get a reprieve.  I was in subside mode – through almost the entire ambulance ride, up until 2 minutes before arrival at the hospital. Then it reared its ugly head, causing me to utter some unrepeatable niceties.

Anyway, following IV fluids, pain meds, and a CT scan, we had a diagnosis:

Kidney stone.

A few years ago we had a wrestler at camp who got kidney stones on a regular basis (very unusual for a young person but he had a lot of trouble with them).  I now have a much deeper understanding of just how much pain he had to be in.

So now I’m just waiting for this little stone to pass (should be a day or two, according to the doctor) so I can get on with my bike – I mean, my life.

So there ’tis. 

(wait for it……..)

IF you have the stones to challenge yourself to develop a system of wrestling this summer, and have not already secured your spot…

stay hydrated and go here

Hey – its all I could manage in my weakened condition.