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Let’s grow us some champions!

Spring is when flowers grow but something else does too.
A well-known coach says this is the time that his wrestlers grow into champions and he explained it this way…

After coaching for many many years, and seeing tons upon tons of his wrestlers achieve the ultimate in high school wrestling…State Champion…he made this very telling observation…

Every single one of them had done the same thing in the spring to grow their skills, and blossom into state champions.

They hit the freestyle/greco wrestling circuit in the spring.

Every one of them!

Isn't that an amazing stat? 

Wouldn't you think, after many years and 50+ champions, that at least one of them would be a non-freestyle, non-greco wrestler who was just beastly enough to win it all?

Its not just in his state though…

Here in Ohio, a full 73% of all State Finalists in 2015 wrestled freestyle/greco as well.

If I were a youngster today with aspirations of being a state champ, I'd certainly take notice.

There's a clear path to learning these styles and using this experience to reach state finalist level. 

The seeds must be planted just right, however….

can't just 'show up', or rassle 'round in a room.

One must be trained for success.

Every year, I see athletes become disenchanted…and aggravated, trying to cobble together enough info in these styles to become successful.

Its heartbreaking, but there is another way.

Train for success and success will follow.