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My frightful nightmare

There I was, in the semifinals, feeling confident…

when all of a sudden, my best friend and teammate told me who my next opponent was…

Jim “Grim Reaper” Leghorn…the most feared leg rider in the entire valley!

About 6 foot tall with a menacing snarl and a bloody fang for a tooth (the only one in his head), he was a gruesome nightmarish ogre of a teenager that struck fear in the hearts of the helpless kids who were unfortunate enough to cross his path!

And here he stood before me, fists clenched, snarling and growling every step of the way!

Right now I was wishing I’d have brought the magic potion, carried my silver stake and eaten my garlic bread!

Alas I was unarmed (and unprepared).  As he approached, I ran…and ran very fast.  Unfortunately he was faster and was catching up to me at an alarming speed.

Just as he reached for me I heard a loud blood-curdling SCREAM!

I quickly recognized it as my own.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat in the fetal position.

That was my nightmare…