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Observations from the Ledge
Observations from the Ledge

Gonna go out on a ledge this morning and share some observations some of my good coaching friends shared with me last night (names withheld to protect the guilty):

Why come to state and not leave it all on the mat?

Interesting to see how much closer the team score is when one team stops taking the other teams’ beat talent.

My kids who are committed, made it here and are wrestling. Every kid on my team who is vaping, didn’t make it. Several of them fizzled out in the 3rd period in districts.

(more from the above): Vaping is a national epidemic. Kids don’t realize there’s more nicotine in vape pens than cigarettes.

The guys that train in freestyle in the spring, know how to move. They win from positions others don’t. I wish I could get my whole team to buy in.

That kid did nothing. He used to get great angles on his shot. Now he drops to both knees and falls to his hip.

There’s a kid who’s pushing the action. He’s fun to watch and he’s winning!

That’s all for now, I’m heading back to the tournament now.

Good luck to all participants!