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Rookie coach grabs the salsa but forgets the chips
Rookie coach grabs the salsa but forgets the chips

Several moons ago when I was but a wee coach, I made young-coach mistakes too. Mistakes I see as clearly as the nose on your face now, but back then I missed them.

kHere’s one:

I spent significant time on the single leg takedown with this athlete. Workout after workout, I’d have him drill it, along with a healthy array of setups, until it was so ingrained in him, there was no way he was going to miss out on taking people down with it.

Except that he did.

Next session when I asked about his match, he said, “I lost.”

Did you hit the single leg?

His response?

I never got to the single leg.

The opponent got to him first – grabbed a hold of him, shot in, took him down.

I had made the most common of young-coach mistakes. Instead of focusing on winning the position war, I jumped ahead to the attack.

Its like bringing the salsa for the super bowl but forgetting the chips.

I learned an important lesson that day, which became the first focus of attack system wrestling: position yourself so you can’t be attacked.

Today, we emphasize it every session.

And during the summer, we refine it to the highest degree.

If you struggle to stand in the center and keep the opponent off your legs, you will struggle mightily in attempting to impose your will. And instead, you may wrestle scared, afraid of your opponent’s attacks.

There’s no way you can implement any attacking system while wrestling scared.

Instead, if you discover the secret to always winning the position war, you will keep opponents off your legs – even the fast, strong, athletic ones.

Here’s where your success begins


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