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Success is a Habit

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was a bestseller nearly 30 years ago and it brings home an extremely important point:

Highly successful people develop a success model made up of habits that allow them to excel.

That model governs their lives.

Successful wrestlers….and coaches…do the same thing.

I want you to enjoy as much success as you possibly can while on the mat.  Its why my system of wrestling…and of training winning wrestlers – was based on my personal success model.

In order to excel at the highest possible level as fast as possible, successful people (wrestlers included) follow this simple formula:

  • determine what’s most important
  • learn how to do what’s most important
  • train, drill, and repeat what’s most important – as often as possible – until it is internalized in the brain and can be performed like 2nd nature.

If you’ve ever been in my room, you already recognize that my system  is built around this success model…and many highly driven athletes train here because they recognize the benefits of knowing exactly what to do..and being trained to do it in the heat of competition.

There are no shortcuts – there’s only one way to accomplish this.

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