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That’s the way to put’em away!

Take a gander at this:

this is from last night's dual meet.

That’s the way to put someone away!

My man Alec was front and center at my special Pinning Combos event for High School/Junior High/Older Youth this past Tuesday, and this is one of the techniques we showed:  pinning from the head & arm position (one of the 3 most common pinning positions in wrestling, besides the half and the cradle).

Now for some back story…

Alec had him on his back a few times earlier in this match but couldn’t finish it.  He didn’t have the details on finishing him off, however….

This time, he did it exactly as I showed him Tuesday.

Seconds after this picture, the ref slaps the mat and raises Alec’s hand.

I’ll be showing a group of K-3rd graders this tactic next Tuesday…along with the hidden Half tactics that are a secret to the rest of the wrestling world but leave your opponent begging you to put him outta his misery.