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The BIG THREE critical mistakes and how you can exploit them for your own gain

This Sunday, we are focusing on the three critical mistakes that the entire wrestling world makes, that you (the dedicated athlete) can exploit, to win more matches.

These mistakes are so prevalent, and a part of our wrestling culture, that very few wrestling folks even pick up on it.

In fact, I was on Youtube the other day watching a world champ give a demonstration.

Even he got it wrong.

That is problematic because a lot of wrestling folk hit up youtube to get wrestling knowledge – and assume when they see a world champion, that his technique will work for them.

Now that the season has begun, athletes (the more dedicated ones) may be looking for additional training.

We have a try-out this Sunday (November 19).  At this tryout, I’ll be demonstrating the big three critical mistakes firsthand – and how to exploit it for more wins.

You can try it out for as little as $5 (if you follow instructions) and see if this training is a fit for you.