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the fat kid in the mirror

My Good friend and karate expert Kelly shared this story with me recently:

You grow up fat, then you train and become enormously fit. Everyone tells you that you look amazing but when you look in the mirror, you still see the fat kid. Until you see the fit kid, you will always fight the same emotions. It is hard to evolve sometimes – but athletes have to if they want to get to the top.

Have you ever advanced farther than you thought possible, only to arrive and get this nagging thought:

I don’t belong here.

I have.  When I was in high school and just emerging as a competitive wrestler, I’d get to the finals of a tournament (surprising many, including my coach)…

and sure enough, those feelings started to creep up and smother me.

That’s the fat kid in the mirror syndrome that Kelly refers to.  No matter the level of success, there’s that nagging feeling again, ready to squeeze every ounce of confidence and self-esteem right out of your body.

Once you learn to shove those thoughts out of your mind and replace them with this: I DO belong AND I’m going to take it to this guy…

you will finally bust through those invisible ceilings and win a whole bunch more (surprising many, but not yourself – because you will expect to win).

Next week at our special advanced training, Winning the position war, you will learn how to win from many different positions…and be trained to do so.

Even better…

It will no longer matter who your opponent is.

You will also learn how to build confidence, look in the mirror and see a champion!

It starts by doing this:

  • learning how to get the most out of practice.
  • simple tricks that speed up your learning of new technique
  • build confidence by pushing past tired
  • train yourself to wrestle with confidence (starting today in the practice room)
  • learn to use quick phrases to get your mind on to winning and off negative thoughts.

Here’s your chance…

Look in the mirror and see the fit kid


PS  This shuts down Friday…or earlier.  I can’t guarantee it will still be open by then because the room is already mostly full.