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The Forever Changing Landscape of Wrestling Training

For those of you who think this whole “virus” thing is going to eventually slink away into to the background and life and training will return to normal – think again.

That Normal is never happening again – instead to be replaced by a normal that looks strikingly different.

One thing that will happen though.

Wrestling training can and will improve, not decline.

More training where athletes get the personalized attention that they should have been getting all along.

Gone are the cattle herd trainings of the past – large camps that pack as many kids in as possible and provide the least possible value to the athletes in their care.

Case in point:

I remember back in the Olde day, attending a camp with my team.

And the instructor was one of  the top college coaches in the country.

That camp featured amazing technique, an entertaining instructor – and absolutely no retention whatsoever.

In fact, I still remember wrestling my buddy and rival in the camp, trying the brand new technique I'd just learned – and failing miserably.

The worst part wasn't the fact that I failed to score using a technique that I'd just learned.  That happens all the time in wrestling.  No, the worst part was, nobody took me aside and showed me what I did wrong, and why it didn't work.

So I did what any reasonably intelligent athlete would do….

I shoved the technique out of my head and never used it again.

Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself, or seen it in your own athlete.  

If you've ever implored your athlete to drill what he just learned at camp, and came away less than impressed….

You knoweth of what I speaketh.

But that's what most have accepted as wrestling training in the past..

Just keep going back to camps.  Surely you will improve simply by spending time on the mats and wrestling with other kids.

But its a lot cheaper to go to an open mat and accomplish the same thing.

The key to making real progress though is in skill development.  

And there’s very little of that in the traditional camp setting.

Just too many kids and not enough personalized attention.

Now that the landscape has changed, it can change for you for the better.

In the very near future I will be opening up SuperGroup training.  Very personalized groups of 3 or 4 wrestlers.

You can make rapid gains due to the personalized training and instruction you are recceiving.

I am assembling the groups now by weight, age, and level.  Some of the groups are already assembled and those athletes will be contacted very soon -so if you want to be a part, now's your chance.

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