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The safest place you can be

Recently I scheduled a visit with my very fine dentist, Dr. Dean Gladura.

I told him upfront, “I’ve put things off during this pandemic – and let a lot of things go.”

He paused, and thoughtfully replied, “you don’t ever need to be afraid to come in here.  This is the safest place you can be.”

That stuck with me.

In today’s challenging times, many of you undoubtedly worry about the health of your athlete, your relatives, your friends – and yourself, and how to navigate through this and give your kids the training they yearn for, while protecting your family from the illness.

I know there are athletes who have opted out of the entire season.

Many others have put off extra training.

I understand and respect both of those decisions completely.

I remain as committed to providing an extremely safe environment here, as I was at the beginning of this pandemic.  Its the big picture that outweighs everything else.

So, to quote my very fine dentist…

You don’t need to be afraid to come in here.  This is the safest training you can partake in.

If you want to schedule a short session and fix just one issue, you can do so through the 30 minute solution.

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