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The surprising way one kid became ‘undefeatable’ from bottom

A wrestler shared this with me earlier this year….

I used to struggle with the better riders – getting turned my some of them, getting at least ridden by others.  Then, I did something about it and since then I’ve never been turned since.  In fact, I get out every time now.  

What made the biggest difference with this athlete?

Greco Roman Wrestling.

I know what you’re thinking – wha?

How can wrestling Greco possibly help you get so much better from bottom position?

Truth is, when you get into par terre (that’s bottom position in freestyle/greco), most of the time, you go flat to the mat.

How is it possible that flattening out and ‘stalling’ could ever help you in folkstyle wrestling?

Glad you asked (okay – I asked but still – )

In folkstyle wrestling (high school style), the main emphasis is on control.  No points are awarded to you unless you gain control or cause your opponent to lose control.

In freestyle and greco wrestling, the main emphasis is on back exposure…using about any means possible.  You don’t even have to be in control!  All you have to do is find a way to expose the opponent’s back.  Locking hands is legal (and so are many rough techniques – it tain’t for the squeamish).

Back to bottom position.

All the opponent has to do to score in freestyle/greco is tilt you past 180 degrees (as opposed to 90 degrees in folkstyle).  They can lock hands and roll you.  No two-count necessary!

It takes a lot of work to keep the opponent from turning you in freestyle/greco.  You learn to shift your hips quickly, use your body weight, use every muscle in your body and every ounce of weight and energy to fight – immediately – to stop the top wrestler's attacks.

even tougher…

In Greco, all the action is above the waist…including the defender’s action.  You can’t even post your leg to stop from being turned.

In fact, you can’t even hand-fight.

Greco is even harder to defend from par terre because the rules are so restrictive that you have very few options on bottom.

Your control over your body weight and use of leverage is more important than ever – and you must react exactly and precisely in a split second or you will get turned.

Hence – to win, you have to be trained exactly and precisely

learn a system of defense from par terre…and drill it consistently.

The kid referenced above has wrestled Freestyle/Greco from March – July for the past 3 years.  

The results are clear to see – he’s incredibly hard to turn…in fact, he’s nearly undefinable from bottom position.

He’s not alone.

Many wrestlers have done this and as a result of this training regimen…

and the focus on continually drilling core skills

have qualified for freestyle/greco nationals their very first year in my program.