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This is your chance to give training a try

Next Tuesday we have special Bonus program called Counter Attacks.  Athletes in Small Group Training get in to it for free as one of the many benefits of training here.  Right now you can join us for $49 and while you’re here, find out if this is something you want to continue with.

Here’s how it works:

You join us for Tuesday’s Counter Attacks session – with no further commitment.  When you go to hold your spot, you will also have the option of joining us for the month, or even the entire season.  If you’re not sure – just do the one session and then decide in the next 48 hours if you want to join us for longer.

No Risk!

If just want to commit for Tuesday for now, then decide later if you want to join us for the month or season, you will be able to apply your $49 to the rest of the training.

Read more about it here


PS  If you hurry, you can also get in for Sunday (or use Sunday as your trial session and then join us for the month or season,  if you choose to).  Just sign up here and indicate you want to come Sunday instead.