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Tis better to have the luck o’ the Irish or the skill o’ de Snyder?
Tis better to have the luck o’ the Irish or the skill o’ de Snyder?

Top o’ th morning to ye.

Me ponders a question on this post Paddy day…

Which is better to have? Luck or Skill?

Well, being successful does involve a bit of both…..

For instance, being lucky enough to

  • Stay injury free
  • Stay flu free
  • Stay skin-funk-free
  • Avoiding slipping on a slick spot on the mat
  • Avoid wardrobe/equipment malfunctions
  • avoid tripping under a ladder while steering clear of the black cat on the way to mat 3
  • A host of other unlucky things that can go wrong

But its also true that the harder you work…

And specifically the smarter you work…

The luckier you get.

For instance, the luck o’ the Irish is likely to shine down on you more if you:

  • Are ox-strong
  • Have excellent hips
  • Are brilliant at handfighting (ala, every time they put their hands on you – your advantage)
  • Are lean and in excellent physical condition
  • Are skilled
  • Possess a great mental game (wrestle with high confidence, recover from adversity quickly, pre-match routine prepares you to wrestle your best every match)

Back to the above question…..

Let’s have both.

This spring, while you are dramatically accelerating your wrestling skills, and developing instinctive hips…..

Now there’s even more.

This year we have added two new features to our Olympic Styles Program, Club Simpson:


1. Handfight Superiority. One day a week is dedicated to winning the Handfighting wars. Every time they put their hands on you – Your Advantage.**

**This is a Club Simpson elite feature. Club Simpson athletes will have the option of joining us for Handfight Superiority every other week).

Get the edge on rival clubs, teams, and opponents – beat them as soon as they make contact with you.

2. Strength Blast – Built right in to training to help you gain your own ox-strength

Apply now to join us while there’s still space


PS After carefully observing and taking notes at this weekend’s junior high state, as well as the recent High School state……and studying our adversaries and rival clubs….

I have some very specific game plans in which to attack our adversaries. Some methods these clubs use over and over again that we can exploit to our own benefit. I will start to unveil them at Club Simpson, which starts a week from Wednesday.