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Top 3 reasons for the shutdown
Top 3 reasons for the shutdown

Know what happens during a shutdown?

Nothing positive.

Just last night a parent asked me, why isn’t my son using the techniques he’s drilling?

The hardest thing to watch is an athlete shutting down in situations they’ve worked hard to win from.

its worse when you know they could winning more but aren’t.

Here are 3 reasons for the shutdown happening in your brain:

  • You haven’t achieved phase 5 yet (using it in a match).
  • deer caught in headlights mode kicks in. (its right there in front of you but you freeze)
  • afraid to pull the trigger and go for it

Here’s how you can break through your barriers quickly, and start wrestling your best in the matches

If you are struggling to break through, Tuesday’s Peak Performance Master Training is your opportunity to:

  • Eliminate slow starts
  • Stop hesitating and start attacking
  • Start pulling the trigger
  • Build a championship mindset
  • Accelerate your performance
  • Quickly correct bad technical habits

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