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Wake Up Ohio!
Wake Up Ohio!

Here in the Buckeye State, a glimmer of hope among a sea of clouds...

Many counties in Ohio are turning to “orange” from “red” on the Covid scale.  

Red being BAD of course.  
Orange being Caution.

We are in the middle of a quandary here in the Buckeye State, as are Americans throughout the country.

The number of infections are going down in many places.

Some school systems that have adopted all remote learning, as well as cancelled fall sports (Columbus City comes to mind), have started to reverse course, announce sports re-openings, and adopt hybrid (some in-school, some remote) learning methods.

And colleges, some of which haven’t even approved fall sports (or have cancelled them altogether) rush forth with plans on filling their dorms with students.

Are we out of the woods?

Not even close.

There are troubling signs at many locations, and we may very well be jumping the gun.

Last time we got a little careless (protests and riots, rallies, big events), the numbers spiked back up.


I can say without a smidgeon of doubt, that we are about to see another huge resurgence.

Life is NOT about to return to pre-covid normal.  Not yet anyway.

Now that we think we have it on the run, and start to venture out to more events, (including, even more political rallies and peaceful? protests), and take fewer precautions along with way, as well as opening up schools and colleges across the country…

We are going to see another spike.

Kids are going to get sick.  Large outbreaks will happen in the dorms, and on college football teams, and everywhere there are gatherings.

As a result…

  • Schools will shut down again.
  • Activities will close again.
  • And we may well be seeing a return to a few months ago.

What to do?

In my humble yet often accurate opinion, I think we need to CHILL.

Chill until the end of September.  See where the numbers get us then.  Right now, they are NOT LOW ENOUGH YET to resume all activities.

And, because I am forward-thinking, and the end of September marks the start of Central Ohio’s longest running wrestling club (the only one to hit the 30 year in a row mark)….

I am already making plans behind the scenes as to what ACE 2020 will look like – keeping athletes’ safety, as well as our own, at the forefront (assuming things aren't so bad that we aren't able to train at all).

The format is definitely going to change.

Opportunities are definitely going to be limited.

And no doubt, some athletes will definitely miss out due to our new numbers limitations, format and very strong health protocols (which top all others I've seen anywhere in the wrestling community)

My advice?

Get on the ACE Waiting List as soon as it opens.  

I will let you know when that is – I’m sure it will be soon.

In the meantime, there will be updates to the ACE page very soon (they haven’t happened yet, so all the info out there is from the previous year.  You are welcome to take a peak at it now though, if you’d like)