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Warning: Violent Content

A wrestler recently pointed this out to me and I was startled to say the least…

turns out my website is being banned all across this great land for violent content….

especially in places like schools, churches, maybe an animal shelter or two.

Here’s what a local school said about my site:

Website contains prohibited violence/hate content

Are they right?


we do promote an attacking, in-your-face style of wrestling…

and we do train athletes to make the opponent uncomfortable (by putting them on defense immediately)…

and we even train our athletes to crush the opponent’s hopes and dreams of winning against us…

so yeah.

Perhaps they are right.

Perhaps we should strive to be more acceptable to the world.

Perhaps we can promote a kinder, gentler method of wrestling.

Then perhaps we can change our website to (hey – its available!).




Go ahead, marshmallow world, ban us – I dare you. 

We will continue to vehemently embrace our style and there’s nothing you can do about it! 


And now, just to rub it in to the marshmallow heads everywhere, I am training athletes tomorrow, via Takedown Masters Mini-Mag, how to relentlessly attack the opponent every time they shoot.

  • learn our step by step system for shutting down, moving and scoring on the opponent
  • put him on defense every time he shoots…and keep him there
  • score off his shot…every time
  • learn my system of short offense that is nearly impossible to escape.
  • the biggest mistake athletes make when the opponent shoots.

This can all be yours but tonight is the deadline to snag your copy of Takedown  Masters Online Mini-Mag.  

After that it vanishes like a banned website.