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What a proctologist and a wrestling coach have in common
What a proctologist and a wrestling coach have in common

Long many years ago I had to go to a specialist doctor for, well let’s just say…issues.

And as I was on the examining table, I got to realizing the similarities between my current situation and what a good wrestling trainer does on a regular basis.

You got it….

Fixing things that are a pain in your butt.

Like stopping on shots and buried underneath.

Or getting beat in one of those scrambles where your adversary grabs your ankle and before you know it you’re staring down his dark side instead of his head…

Or just about to finish your shot and get rolled.

Or needing one point on an escape and getting broken down, ridden and maybe even turned instead

Or trying to salt away a well-earned lead but getting locked up and thrown.

If the thought of losing any more matches this way get you feeling constipated…

This solution is way more fun than your doctor’s examining room


PS. All of the above are situations where wrestlers can gain vast improvement in a very short time. In fact, a group of happy wrestlers have already snagged their spots here. Fix what ails you the painless way