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Why Cliff is wrong and I’m right

A wrestling enthusiast disagreed with me on Facebook regarding my recent John Smith interview. 

Here's what Cliff said (and why he's wrong):

Yes. In today's world a World Champion's son here in Ohio follows this strategy which wrestlers can watch to confirm this strategy – David Carr. However, the sport of wrestling like most sports offer various examples of strategies to success that are very different in concept. I suggest you watch some of Dave Schultz, Randy Lewis, Sergei Beloglazov film. These guys had an arsenol of moves available for the moment. I would think the probability of success is enhanced when opponent do not know what move will be presented for variety of reasons seen in all sports. So both will work but what is best for your personality – some can do same thing million times and not get “bored" while others need variety to stay tuned, the free spirited. I do not think you mess with personalities. I have seen this done with some kids going to college level and they just do not make it out let alone win championships.

(He’s right about David Carr though – that’s the part where he agrees with me)

First, allow me to point out that I’ve seen all of those guys wrestle and met several of them personally.  Dave Schultz was one of the nicest guys in wrestling history (unless you had the misfortune of wrestling him…I talk about that tomorrow via email).

To clarify, John Smith lived off one move, while others use an arsenal of moves.

Point taken.

However, he missed the main point of my blog, which is this:

I can tell you with 100% confidence that every one of those guys that I knew, did one thing exactly the same….

And it wasn’t the Smith single, which was unique to him.

What they did that was similar though, is the main point of the article…

Even though they had different styles…some with an array of moves, some hit only one or two things…here’s what was similar…

every one of them trained to do things exactly and precisely.

Every time Dave Schultz got a front headlock, he did it the exact same way.

If you were brave (and foolish) enough to shoot a double on Randy Lewis, he’d counter you (painfully) the same way.

The champions train hard to use winning technique….  drilling their core moves over and over again until they reach phase five.  That’s why they are prepared to score with it at the highest levels in wrestling (Olympics).

And this is the very element that most wrestlers are missing today:  the understanding of how you get from phase 1 (learning new technique) to phase 5 (being able to execute said technique in a Live Match, against the highest level of competition.

There’s a big difference between everyone winning with the same move, and everyone (of note) training in a similar fashion.

This is the process that led John Smith to Olympic Gold, but leads every champion athlete to high levels of success as well.

PS  Unfortunately, the Facebook world doesn’t embrace this.  But champions do.

PPS  Tomorrow’s email subscribers learn what made Dave Schulz the nicest guy off the mat and the meanest guy on the mat.