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Why I don’t have pictures on my walls

A few blue moons ago a curiosity-piqued individual had a question for me: Why don’t you have pictures of wrestlers on your walls?

He went on to spew this gem of marketing advice:

You should put pictures on your walls of the champions so everyone can see all the great kids you’ve trained, and can see all the studs who are training in your building.

At that point I had no choice but to Ariana Grande him:  thank you next.

Granted, he probably has a point – it would probably draw some people in if they saw all the studs who trained here.

A lot of places do that after all –  but that’s not how I roll.

Having pictures of state champs on your wall, when you’re training athletes like I do, sends entirely the wrong message – at least for me.

Its a first indicator when an athlete steps into the room about who is most important to the trainer.

And in rooms that use this marketing tactic, the message is clear:
The better wrestler you are, the more important you are.

And the more important you are, the more attention you will get from that trainer.

Get good enough, he will work with you.  If not, he will continue to ignore you and work with the studs and ‘hammers’, so he can quickly attach their star to his vehicle.

That’s why those pictures are on the walls – to let you know how important you aren’t.

As for me, I’ve always marched to my own drummer.

If you commit to stepping into my building and training with me, you are important to me.

Case in point, last night’s training session featured numerous state placers and state level wrestlers…as well as first year wrestlers still trying to figure it all out.

Every athlete got my attention – Every one of them.

When you step into my building this summer, you be trained by me and I will work with you – no matter your win/loss record or accomplishments.

You’ve earned it.

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