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Wrestler jumps into mosh pit and loses more than his toes

I recently stumbled across this article about moshing, and how many injuries occur at these things.

Especially at rock concerts.

Paul Wertheimer, president of a concert crowd management company, recommends steel toed boots at these events because, apparently, more toes are getting smashed than pumpkins.

“There is no way to crowd surf or stage dive safely consistently,” he said.
(source:  ABC  Mosh pit or death pit?)

As dangerous as mosh pits can be, here’s something even more dangerous if you're a wrestler:

Jumping into the mosh pit of wrestling camps.  That mosh pit often looks like this:

  • Stars eager to give you their autograph
  • Different moves and clinicians every session
  • No system, just random moves
  • Fancy Clinic moves that look great but don’t work against the good kids
  • No re-enforcement of technique
  • lots of merchandise shoved your way
  • You leave camp and wonder, “what did I learn?”
  • You’re no better off (but your wallet is lighter) than when you started.

When you’re done with camp, if you can’t speed drill with precision through the entire camp’s technique – you probably wasted your time.

Even worse:  there's a better than even chance that your wrestling skills got crushed like toes at a Metallica concert.

This summer, you can avoid the mosh pit and adopt this proven, highly successful wrestling system as your own.


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