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3 habits of highly effective training

Its time to start planning – IF you’re ready to have your best season yet,

Last night’s loyal crew at ACE got to experience first-hand how to squeeze the most out of a workout by embracing 3 simple habits:

#1. Snap to focus.   Also known as flipping the switch – as soon as practice begins.  Even better:  pre-planning your directed workout (a concept I talk about often in my room).

#2:  Close the gap, eliminate wasted time.  Getting the most out of your drilling time and your partner’s, means you are helping your partner improve, while your partner does the same for you.

#3:  Good reps – Every time.  Embrace the finer details of any technique – that’s where the magic happens.

Now’s the time you can commit to training that will take you further than ever before.

With this training, you get:

  • As many as 10 trainings per month
  • advanced training events
  • my personalized attention
  • my commitment to utilize every skill I’ve developed in my 35+ years of training athletes to give you the best possible opportunity to maximize your potential
  • a room of dedicated athletes, just like yourself, who, just like you, have committed to training here every week
  • weekly weight management guidance for all who need it
  • mental edge emphasis throughout the season
  • much more than I can mention today

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