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Are you Ohio State or Penn State?

Saturday's Ohio State/Penn State football game was a classic.  Came down to the very end.

Remember what happened  late in the 4th quarter when it was 4th and 5 and the game was on the line?

Let me refresh your memory about that exciting moment, here’s what happened next:

Time out Penn State.
Time out Ohio State.
Time out Penn State.

Followed by Penn State quickly forgetting what brought them to the brink of victory.

Namely, quarterback Trace McSorley running and throwing the ball and shredding OSU’s defense for much of the game.

At the most critical point in the game, the lions lost sight of what got them there.

Just as many wrestlers struggle to determine what their own go-to move is.

[On the other hand, when the chips were down, Ohio State went with what got them there.  Which are you?  Ohio State or Penn State?]

If you are looking to develop your own go-to move(s)….

how about FIVE of them?

What would it mean to be able to attack your opponent multiple ways from one set position…

utilizing a variety of set-ups leading to explosive attacks?

Even better….

Learn how to fix your biggest weaknesses (from any position – even ones I don’t cover at this event)…and keep them fixed,  using a simple tool that can quickly and easily be implemented.

No calling time out on 4th and 5 (twice) to think about what your go-to is.  Just do it as automatically as a sleep walker opens the fridge.

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