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Break these 3 resolutions and win more matches

Because my annual new years resolution, the one that I break first every year,  is this:


I have first hand knowledge about breaking them.

So now, without delay (since its already a day late)…the top 3 resolutions (aka goals) you should break, which can lead to more wins:

•    Be more aggressive (take more shots)
•    Win more matches
•    Work harder

All three sound, on the surface, like fine endeavors – but here’s why you will benefit more by dismantling each of them:

Be more aggressive (take more shots)

Many athletes are told, “you need to take more shots”.  Maybe you do and maybe you don’t.

Truth is, in order to shoot more effectively you have to:

•    Have a set-up that forces your opponent to willingly moving right into your shot
•    Penetrate with precision (including every step:  hitting your knee with angle, Grabbing the leg,  and locking your hands.    All of them – exact and precise.
•    Finish in precisely the manner that will score against the most common counters used by the better wrestlers (ie, if you limp arm to finish your single, you need to upgrade your finish to beat the better kids)

To shoot more effectively, do the above things.  If you can do that, you should shoot more often.

Win more matches.

Here’s the easiest way to win more matches:  Schedule really easy opponents.
If you are wrestling at a JayVee tournament, while others are toiling at Top Gun – your odds are better that you will win more matches.  But I’d rather be winning at Top Gun.

A lot of people make the mistake of judging their success strictly by wins and losses.  Your record will usually be better when the schedule is easier, but it is not indicative of becoming a better wrestler.

Work Harder.

While its certainly beneficial to work harder…having it as a goal – a resolution – can be a mistake.

Here’s why:

By what standard do you measure working harder?

•    Drill faster in practice?  sure.
•    Lift a few more lbs in the weight room?  That’ll help.
•    Run in the morning.  Absolutely.

All good things.


if your goals aren’t measurable… then ‘work harder’ is merely a rally call.  You might as well have a pom pom in your hands.
At some point, it just makes you feel worse instead of better…and have less confidence instead of more.

If you want to make real progress, and are using the new year as a springboard, replace the above, with these:
Set quantifiable goals you can track, chart, and record, such as:

 •    Implement your weight management system.  Included:  you own weight chart complete with goal weights, goal-weight-gains (1.5 lbs gained throughout the day, that means YES to breakfast and lunch)
•    Increased cardio regimen, Charted.    Example:  twice per week, 3 mile timed run, with time goals for each run
•    Pinpoint three areas you need to improve in, that will lead to more wins.  Write them down.  Have a plan for fixing each area.
•    Have Directed, track-able practice goals (here’s how to use practice to get better.)
Exampletoday I will let my teammates in on my legs, and I will work on counters.
Example 2:  I will hit all single legs today – same shot same finish, varying setups.



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