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Here’s who’s winning tonight’s game

I, your Attack System Seer and Soothsayer, shalt now accurately predict the winner of tonight’s big football game.  You know the one.

While many are looking at the star players – QB’s, running back, wideouts…and assessing how many points they are going to score, my perspective is slightly different.  Hence my very accurate prognostication.

The winner of tonight’s game will be….

The team that puts their opponent on defense…immediately….and KEEPS them there.

Just as in wrestling, if you wait for you opponent to attack….your results are not likely to be what you were hoping for.

To use a football saying because it is apropo, especially on a day like today….

When the offense is on the field for long periods of time….

its the defense that gets tired.

Just as your opponent is likely to wear out more quickly by fighting off your constant barrage of attacks.

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