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How to be more greedy

Not often in life should one be told to be greedy, but that’s what I’m going to suggest for you right now.

Actually, I’m not going to just suggest it…

I’m going to insist on it.

This is about wrestling wins, after all – and I want to help you be as greedy as possible.

Here’s how to snag yourself more wins, starting with your very first practice this Friday

Learn what makes wrestlers tick, what their mindset is, and how you can take full advantage of that knowledge.

Better yet, learn from me – I’ve studied human nature in the sport of wrestling for close to 30 years now and can usually tell you precisely what you are thinking, and what your opponent is thinking, on the mat.

Those in my room right now are getting a small dose of it…

and once we start our in-season small group training, its full-steam ahead.

Every week, you can be gaining more and more insight into

  • the thoughts of your opponents,
  • the trends in wrestling, and most importantly,
  • how to slyly penetrate right through their defenses and take full advantage of their thoughts and schemes to gain yourself more wins.

Even more…

That’s what Bonus Tuesday is for (this season, Small Group has expanded to give you up to 10 opportunities to train every month – most weeks, 3 sessions per week that you can take advantage of).  

Every Tuesday you can gain full access to my decades of experience reading the trends of wrestling, and learn another trap move, specially designed to crush your opponent’s natural tendencies, leading to more wins for you.

Some of these tendencies include:

  • the wrestling world’s (deeply flawed) method for countering front headlocks.
  • how wrestlers give you an opening every time they attempt to score from the go behind
  • how we crush the (sometimes right but often wrong) trend of “explode off the whistle”…meaning more points for us from top position
  • why seeing it once isn’t enough (if you aren’t reinforcing your top moves, they won’t be there when you need them the most
  • how to shut down the fancy ‘scrambles’ most wrestlers (and some coaches) oooo and aaaah over
  • and more that I’ll discuss later.

That’s just on Tuesdays.  I haven’t even gotten to Wednesday’s bonus yet but I’ll discuss it another time.

Right now, you can hold your spot in small group training (because of the major small group revamp, its more important than ever to grab your spot early and guarantee you get in the most beneficial group for your needs –   Plus the earlier you commit to small group, the more special bonuses you get – including the special invitation that is on its way this Friday).

get greedy now